Haysville USD 261

1745 W. Grand
Haysville, KS 67060

The Haysville School District combines the personalized spirit of a small town with a top-notch staff, curriculum and facilities normally associated with larger communities With care and individual attention, we focus on putting each student on the road to a lifetime of learning. Encompassing 36 square miles of south-central Sedgwick County, the Haysville School District (No. 261) draws students from a wide range of urban and rural backgrounds to create a rich, well-blended student body. Our curriculum, designed to meet each student`s educational needs, emphasizes the core academic are ...

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District Jobs

2023-2024 ELA Teacher - Haysville West Middle School | Posted on April-3-2023 | Expires on 04/30/4023
Social Worker - Campus High School | Posted on May-24-2023 | Expires on 06/18/2023
Library Media Specialist - Nelson Elementary School | Posted on May-24-2023 | Expires on 07/23/2023
Spanish Teacher with potential IB Spanish - Campus High School | Posted on May-24-2023 | Expires on 07/12/2023
ESOL Teacher - Prairie Elementary School | Posted on May-30-2023 | Expires on 07/25/2023
2023-2024 Special Education Teacher - Rex Elementary School | Posted on May-31-2023 | Expires on 06/16/2023
School Psychologist | Posted on May-31-2023 | Expires on 06/23/2023
Science Teacher - Haysville Middle School | Posted on June-5-2023 | Expires on 07/01/2023