Lakin USD 215
1003 West Kingman
Lakin, KS 67860

Lakin USD #215 is located in Kearny County in Southwest Kansas.  The district has approximately 675 students in grades PK-12. Lakin Elementary serves grades PK-4.  Lakin Middle School houses grades 5-8. Lakin High School serves grades 9-12. LHS is currently in the 3A classification with KSHSAA for most activities and 2A in football.

USD #215 is blessed with some of the nicest facilities in the area and state.  Lakin also has a 1:1 MacBook initiative for grades 9-12 and 1:1 iPad initiative for grades 2-8.  In addition, all teachers are provided a laptop and iPad.

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District Jobs

Potential High School Counselor/Social Worker | Posted on March-24-2023 | Expires on May-31-2023
First Grade Teacher | Posted on April-2-2023 | Expires on May-31-2023
6th grade ELA Teacher | Posted on May-9-2023 | Expires on August-1-2023