Assistant Superintendent of Business/Operations

Emporia USD 253 •

Purpose:   The Assistant Superintendent of Business/Operations coordinates and supervises financial and school district operations to ensure efficient and lawful functioning of the school district.  To accomplish these tasks the Assistant Superintendent of Business must work closely with the staff and administration of U.S.D. No.  253.
Responsible to:   Superintendent of Schools
Payment rate:   As established by the Emporia Board of Education
General Conditions:   12 months, running July 1 to June 30

  1. Masters degree from an accredited college/university.
  2. Current Kansas State Licensure with endorsement appropriate to the assignment on file in the Central Office.
  3. Successful administrative experience working with financial planning and school district operations.
  4. Health and Inoculation Certificate on file in the Central Office.

Essential Functions:   

  1. Serve as Treasurer of the Board of Education and the Recreation Commission.
  2. Oversee the management of fiscal and capital resources of the district.
  3. Develop and manage the district budget(s) with regard to fund(s) / funding source(s).
  4. Assure efficient, lawful management/distribution of funds to include Local, State, Federal Funds.
  5. Supervise fiscal processes and procedures to include but not limited to financial investment, purchasing, payroll and accounting, fixed assets and inventory.
  6. Advise the superintendent and the Board of Education of financial matters of the district.
  7. Inform the superintendent and the Board of Education regarding legal matters related to business operations.
  8. Represent the Board of Education on contract negotiations with the teachers bargaining unit.
  9. Serve as facility manager for the district administration building.
  10. Oversee efforts to maximize fiscal efficiency to include energy conservation.
  11. Oversee the development and implementation of facility repair / improvements.
  12. Provide professional leadership in organizing, administering, and evaluating the operational programs of the district to ensure efficient and lawful function with respect to:
    • Budgets and Finance
    • Supply and Distribution
    • Maintenance / Building and Grounds
    • Technology Infrastructure / Equipment
    • Transportation
    • Food Service

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  1. Requires prolonged sitting or standing.
  2. Occasionally requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials.
  3. Occasionally requires stooping, bending, and reaching.
  4. Must work indoors and outdoors year-round.
  5. Frequently requires extended hours.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Support and facilitate the mission and vision of the Emporia Public Schools.
  2. Outline processes by which resources and materials are obtained by district personnel.
  3. Support the ongoing processes for curriculum and instruction as outlined by the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.
  4. Select and assign licensed and classified personnel through processes outlined by the Associate Superintendent of Personnel.
  5. Effectively utilize the expertise of other district professionals and/or outside consultants to support the efficient and effective operations of the district.
  6. Provide for effective programs and processes to support the general welfare of students with regard to school and school activities.
  7. Organize activities (i.e building maintenance) around the school day/year to provide for efficient operation of the district.  
  8. Appropriately delegate duties for effective utilization of staff while assuming final responsibility for the overall operational programs.  
  9. Stay abreast of new technologies to facilitate and support student learning, data management, and communication.
  10. Develop and maintain documentation relative to program funding (i.e. Grants and Awards)
  11. Prepare and submit documentation / reports as required by the superintendent and Board of Education; and state and federal guidelines.
  12. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements as provided by state and federal law.
    • Uphold and enforce board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules/regulations including but not limited to:
    • Acceptable use of technology
    • Sexual and racial harassment
    • Child abuse reporting
    • Health and safety including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  13. Communicate effectively with administrators, parents, staff, and community organizations with regard to district operations.
  14. Interact with students, parents, and staff in a professional manner demonstrating tolerance of individual differences, patience, and sensitivity.
  15. Demonstrate professionalism through appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance; accurate recordkeeping and timely submission of required reports; participate in building/district level committee tasks.
  16. Respect the confidentiality of records and information regarding students, parents, and teachers in accordance with accepted professional ethics, and state and federal laws.
  17. Act as a liaison to community resources as appropriate to the effective operation of the district.
  18. Maintain safe and well-organized instructional spaces.
  19. Be prepared to implement the Building Crisis Plan; actively participate in response drills.
  20. Respond to change in a productive manner.
  21. Strive to communicate the positive aspects of our school program to the public in word and deed.
  22. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Salary Information

Base salary of $119 558 with additional compensation based on education level and work-related experience.  In district travel stipend employer paid deferred benefit plan and an annual cell phone stipend will be provided.
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