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St. Francis, USD 297, is looking for an ambitious and fully qualified elementary teacher (grade TBD) to join our school.  This teacher would teach all subjects (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) to the assigned grade of students.  In addition, he/she would teach appropriate math and reading intervention curriculum to students placed in various intervention groups based upon academic screening data.  Other responsibilities may include supervising students before and after school, monitoring recess, etc.

Coaching opportunities are a possibility, but would be dependent on the grade level assigned to and also scheduling.

 Our staff is team-oriented and is supported by a unified administrative team.

 Even though there is an expiration date listed for this posting, this job will be open until it is filled.

Benefits Information

We pay $435 toward a single insurance policy and $870 toward a family policy.

Salary Information

Our starting salary is $38,500, but all candidates will be placed on the salary schedule according to education and experience.

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St. Francis/USD 297 is a 1A school located in the northwest corner of Kansas.  Our district serves roughly 280 students K-12, with 140 of those students located in our K-5 elementary school and the remaining 140 students located in our 6-12 jr./sr. high school.

The St. Francis schools take pride in providing an excellent, well rounded education to our students.  After several years of training with TASN, St. Francis now implements a successful multi-tiered system of support to help close student achievement gaps.  We have also adopted a Pre-K through 12th grade Social Emotional Learning curriculum.  During the 2021-2022 school year, all certified staff participated in professional development centered around Project-Based Learning.  USD 297 continually seeks to improve student learning.  We believe high quality educators are a crucial factor in the success of our schools.

The city of St. Francis is a beautiful, thriving community of around 1,300 people and has a great deal of pride and support for the school system.  For more information about the city of St. Francis, please visit our website at: .

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Saint Francis, KS 67756

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