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Greenbush - The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center is seeking applications for an Occupational Therapist at Greenbush - Topeka.

Anticipated Start Date: 8/1/2024. Position will remain open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer. Must have legal ability to work in the United States without sponsorship.

 Job Summary: The primary role of the Occupational Therapist (OT) is to provide services to children in preschool through high school settings. The OT is responsible for the evaluation, implementation, and progress monitoring of children according to the Individual Education Plan. 



A valid drivers license is required for employment. REAL ID is required if air travel is necessary to complete job duties.

  1. Masters Degree or Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from an accredited college/university.
  2. Hold or be eligible to obtain a Kansas Occupational Therapy License.
  3. Ability to travel between sites on a daily basis.
  4. Must be able to change schedule and daily routines on short notice.
  5. Effectively communicate solutions to complex problems.


  1. Experience working with students with special needs in the school setting.
  2. Knowledge of technology and video conferencing.
  3. Knowledge of assistive technology devices and equipment for educational access.


Essential Functions:

  1. Complete a thorough evaluation, including muscle tone, range of motion/mobility, orthopedic/splinting needs, movement analysis perceptive/fine motor skills, sensory-motor processing, and functional activities of daily living.
  2. Educate and demonstrate (verbally or written) therapy techniques to school staff that can be incorporated into a school or community program.
  3. Develop and implement an individualized treatment program for each child that incorporates functional abilities with the objective to increase daily living skills
  4. Maintain communication with the child's primary physician, as needed. 
  5. Assess and recommend the use of adaptive equipment as needed and provide written justification and coordinate the purchase of equipment.
  6. Fabricate adaptive equipment/splints for children as needed to maximize comfort and capabilities.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain timely documentation.
  2. Support the mission, goals, and objectives of the SEKESC.
  3. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.
  4. Maintain strict confidentiality as outlined by FERPA and HIPAA.
  5. Ability to work alone and in groups to provide services.
  6. Maintain professional relationships with families.
  7. Assume responsibility for individual professional growth by staying current with literature, research, and/or practices.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in the ability to effectively and regularly communicate with other employees of the SEKESC and constituents.
  9. Complete all assignments in a timely manner including communication with other staff and families.
  10. Follow all safety requirements as directed by the SEKESC.
  11. Regular and predictive attendance in the designated work location as determined by the Executive Director or designee.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or designee.


  1. Lifting up to 40 pounds.
  2. Ability to lift and position students 30 to 80 pounds.
  3. Manage all job duties with mobility, agility, and dexterity.
  4. Sit/stand for long periods of time.
  5. Work in loud/stressful environments.
  6. Ability to drive in varying weather and geographical conditions.
  7. Being exposed to infectious and contagious diseases.
  8. Being exposed to hazardous materials.
  9. Being exposed to work settings that offer a risk to personal security and that are not ADA compliant.


TO APPLY: https://greenbush.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

Benefits Information

Excellent benefit package:  Supporting employees and their families is important to Greenbush. We provide access to exceptional Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance options for all employees who work 20 hours or more a week. Employees also can participate in flex spending accounts and salary protection programs. Additionally, Greenbush participates in the Kansas Public Retirement System (KPERS) and provides excellent 403b plan options. Greenbush contributes to each and every employee’s retirement plan by matching up to $100 a month for any Greenbush employee that contributes to one of the 403b plans. All employees and their families can also benefit from the personal services available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Greenbush also offers Student Loan Planning from Certified Financial Planners and Student Loan Professionals for employees and their immediate family members.

Employees are provided with vacation days, sick leave, personal leave, and holidays subject to the length of their contract.

Salary Information

Competitive salary commensurate with experience

Employer Information

Ensuring Equal Educational Opportunities for Everyone!

With more than 500 employees, the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center - Greenbush offers programs to school districts that are otherwise unavailable, unaffordable, or just more effective and efficient through a cooperative effort. At the core of every Greenbush service is the uncompromising belief that every learner, regardless of age or geographic location, deserves equal educational opportunities. 

When working for Greenbush, you could potentially be working anywhere in the state of Kansas. We have more than 80 locations, with the main offices located in Girard, Lawrence, and Topeka. Our programs reach far beyond these locations allowing us to offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Hands-on learning labs at the Abernathy Science Education Center
  2. Providing professional development
  3. Team-building at the Challenge Ropes Course
  4. Experiential learning at the Camp and Retreat Center
  5. Helping learners receive their diploma or credit recovery via virtual and online learning
  6. Assisting Special Education agencies to access reimbursement for school provided health services
  7. Specialized learning through Special Day Schools
  8. Parents as Teachers
  9. Vision/Hearing and Tele-Therapy services
  10. Infant Toddler Services
  11. Administrative Services
  12. Cooperative Purchasing
  13. Custodial and Transportation services

Greenbush employees are as unique as their programs and enjoy a variety of opportunities. They are supported with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a shared belief in supporting schools across the state. Visit our website at www.greenbush.org  for more information of all Greenbush programs and services!

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